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I’m a college football player who wants to go pro after
graduation how do I pick the agent who is best for

Ask questions and seek as much information as possible
about the business. You have to be comfortable with your
agent. A big firm may not be the best choice if you want
personal service. I’m always available to answer questions.

Must my agent be certified by the NFL Players

Yes. All NFL teams are prohibited from dealing with any
agent who is not certified by the NFL Players Association.
Teams that deal with agents who are not certified are
subject to fines.

What does it mean to be a certified NFL agent?

Certification involves approval of an application and a
background check by the NFL Players Association. All
applicants are then required to attend a seminar and pass
an exam. All agents must attend annual seminars to
maintain certification.

When can I sign/talk with an NFL agent?

Usually after your final college game.  You are allowed to
talk with an NFL agent but NCAA rules prohibit signing with
an agent while playing college football. In some cases
Junior athletes can petition the NFLPA to enter the NFL
draft early. The issue of whether Sophomore players can
play in the NFL is an issue that is still being decided by the

What information would be helpful to my agent?

Personal background information, statistics, and game film
are all helpful information for your agent. You should
consider yourself a product and any information that would
be helpful to sell your services is useful to your agent.

Are there other professional football leagues besides
the NFL?

Yes. There are several leagues to consider if you do not
land a job in the NFL. Many players have started in NFL
Europe (the NFL’s minor league system); the Canadian
Football League or the Arena Football League before
playing in the NFL.

Can an agent help me with other matters besides my

Yes. I can provide services for bill paying, marketing,
endorsements, promotions and public relations. Further,
being an attorney I can help you with all legal matters.
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